Phase Four: When to stay out of the way and when to guide reprocessing

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EMDR trained clinicians are taught to stay out of the way and allow the patient’s brain to guide the process. Yet spontaneous reprocessing can become unproductive or even disruptive to patient stability.

This videocast of Session 232 is from the 2018 EMDR International Association conference that was professionally recorded October 5, 2018, in Atlanta.

Clinicians can remain overly passive or become overly active redirecting patients too frequently back to target or offering randomly selected interventions. In this video, participants will review transcripts of EMDR reprocessing sessions that illustrate both skillful interventions and common clinical errors. Transcripts will present key choice points, varieties of interweaves, ways of addressing dysregulated states and advanced interventions such as targeting dissociative phobias and avoidance defenses.

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Andrew M. Leeds is an approved EMDRIA Credit Provider #99019. The program listed above has been approved for 3.0 EMDRIA Credit hours (#99019-DL64). Andrew M. Leeds, Ph.D. maintains responsibility for this distance learning program.

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Phase Four: When to stay out of the way and when to guide reprocessing

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